Common Questions

How does breastfeeding work?

Help! My nipples are sore and damaged!

I just can’t get my baby to latch on right!

My baby isn’t gaining weight. What can I do?

Can I make enough milk for my baby?

How long should I feed my baby?

How do I know my baby is getting enough?

Can I nurse my jaundiced baby?

How can I keep nursing if I need to go back to work


Care Provided In The Comfort of Your Home

Lactation Services

Nourished FAMILIES

Specializing In

The breastfeeding process & proper latch technique​

 Assessment of the mother-baby feeding dyad with interventions tailored to your unique needs

 Physical assessment of infant oral anatomy & your breasts

 Newborn Care

Help initiating breastfeeding and /or pumping

High precision measurement of baby’s consumption through a test weight

 Maintaining your milk supply while returning to work

Collaboration with other healthcare providers when indicated or upon request

Assessment of your milk supply and recommendations for supply issues.

 Screening and referral of postpartum mood disorders in a safe and compassionate manner